Dormane x Cary De Carrere, by Passem

5/18(9-2-5)3-2 $287,621 in France, England and UAE

Winner of the prestigious Dubai Kahayla Classic at age 6. Now beginning his career at stud.

In 2012, he has 6 offspring debut, with 3 winners, 3 placed, 1 stakes winner, 2 stakes places


KAOLINO is owned by Shadwell Estate Company, LTD of the U.K. , and represented by Race Street Management, U.S. agent for Shadwell Arab.

KAOLINO offers a unique breeding opportunity being from the Manganate sire line which is the leading sire line in the world. And out of a dam line which would allow him to cross well with any mare in America.

He is a strong 15.3 hand horse that won at all distances on dirt and turf.

Trainer Gill Duffield says, “KAOLINO’s enthusiasm for racing was second to none. A true professional who could sustain a strong gallop throughout his races, he was a powerful horse who had plenty of speed.”

KAOLINO is sired by DORMANE 1/8(6-1-0) 2 in France. DORMANE is the all time leading French sire of champion runners in Europe and UAE, including CHAIKH MAN, NOREEN, CHNKADA, DARIKI, DALINA DES FABRIES, FAROUK AL MELS, DORWAN DU CAYROU, FALINA DES FABRIES, PASSEM LOTOIS, MAGIC DE PIBOUL, PARADOR and US Champions *DORAN SBFAR 2/7(5-1-0) 4-1 $97,093, *FRYNCH 4/28 (8-5-5) 4-2 $249,756, *FRYNGE BENEFIT 3/32 (10-3-6) 3-4 $137,104, *FRYVOLOUS 2/14 (6-2-2) 2-1 $119,354.

KAOLINO's dam is Cary de Carrere by Passem. Raced, dam of 7 foals, 5 known runners/winners: HORKIDEE by Tidjani 2/14 (5-2-2) 2-2; MONI MAKER by DORMANE, stakes winner; KAOLINO by DORMANE, Subject Horse; Lyvia by DORMANE, race winner in Qatar; and QUAOLINA (grey mare by KERBELLA) is a multiple Group winner with 15 starts/ 5 wins, 8 places, 4 Stakes wins (2 Group races), and 6 Stakes places (5 Group races).

Arabian Horse Pedigree for KAOLINO

SAINT LAURENT SBFAR*7260 Chestnut 1948 BAROUD II SBFAR*5868 Chestnut 1927
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
BELLE DU SARROT SBFAR*4415 Chestnut 1916
MADOU SBFAR*6778 Chestnut 1939
NORNIZ SBFAR*5304 Chestnut 1922
AMICA SBFAR*5855 Chestnut 1927
MANDRAGORE SBFAR*7592 Bay 1955 DRAGON SBFAR*6829 Chestnut 1940
NORNIZ SBFAR*5304 Chestnut 1922
DRAGONNE SBFAR*6591 Chestnut 1934
MAGNESIE SBFAR*7289 Bay 1949
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
DORMANE SBFAR*8978 Bay 1984
GRABIEC SBFAR*7676 Bay 1964 BRANIBOR PASB*1847 Black 1958
ARCUS PASB*946 Bay 1947
BAJDARA PASB*1411 Chestnut 1951
MARABUT PASB*1139 Chestnut 1942
OFIRKA PASB*1174 Bay 1939
MANDORE SBFAR*8034 Bay 1976
MANDARINE III SBFAR*7602 Chestnut 1956 DRAGON SBFAR*6829 Chestnut 1940
NORNIZ SBFAR*5304 Chestnut 1922
DRAGONNE SBFAR*6591 Chestnut 1934
MAGNESIE SBFAR*7289 Bay 1949
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
KAOLINO AHR*635876 Chestnut 1998 
MALI GASB*309 Grey 1967 HADBAN ENZAHI SBWM*79 Grey 1952
NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
KAMLA RAS*382 Grey 1942
MALACHA SBWM*92 Bay 1955
EL SAREEI RAS*387 Bay 1942
MOHEBA AV*47 Bay 1951
PASSEM SBFAR*8843 Grey 1975
PALITRA GASB*494 Grey 1970 SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
SONATA RASB*433 Chestnut 1946
PANAMA RASB*1554 Bay 1964
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
PLATINA RASB*801 Bay 1950
BAROUD III SBFAR*10134 Bay 1969 IN CHAALLAH SBFAR*7631 Bay 1959
MADANI TSB*357 Bay 1949
GAFSA TSB*208 Grey 1943
BARBUE SBFAR*10021 Chestnut 1954
SUMEYR SBFAR*7258 Chestnut 1948
BACCHANTE SBFAR*9662 Chestnut 1941
NINOU DU CASSOU SBFAR*10670 Chestnut 1983
NANOUE SBFAR*10431 Grey 1979 MARZOUCK (NL) SBFAR*7728 Grey 1969
DYNAMIT AVS*196 Grey 1964
MERSUCH VI-5 AVS*219 Grey 1957
NEVADOUR SBFAR*10188 Chestnut 1970
OUROUR SBFAR*7216 Chestnut 1947
NEVADA II SBFAR*10072 Chestnut 1955

KAOLINO stands at Mandolynn Hill Farm
PO Box 260, Aubrey, Texas 76227
phone 940-440-9359, fax 940-365-2295

email mmorgan@ont.com

1998 Chestnut Stallion
Stud Fee $3000, transported semen available, Live Foal Guarantee.

Denise Gault
U.S. Tel: (831) 625-4275


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