Arabian Horses of Racing Age

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Royale Fanfare
Monarch AH x Fantos (Bandos) Grey Mare 03/14/1996 2019 ET foals: by Baseq Al Khaledia, and Rathowan

More Adoraable
Virgule Al Maury x More O Dora (Samtyr) Chestnut Mare 05/11/1999 In foal to Rathowan for 2019 foal

Girl Chat
Wiking x CR Gal Friendly (Sam Tiki) Bay Mare 04/23/2000 Open

Leahs Day
Ala Croixnoire x Mufka PASB (Partner) Bay Mare 02/12/2000 Open

Calin Du Loup x Djenzel (Djendel) Chestnut Mare 01/3/2004 Open

Shall We Dance BW
Line Dancer x Halianna (ZT Ali Baba) Grey Mare 02/4/2004 In foal to Rathowan for 2019 foal

Rich Sister
TH Richie x Lilas Aa Mels (Djelfor) Chestnut Mare 02/20/2009 2019 ET foal: Burning Sand

DC Well Done
Dinamite Dare x Wibwilcca (Wilkolak) Chestnut Mare 04/10/2007 In foal to Rathowan for 2019 foal

Richly Kept
TH Richie x Djenzel (Djendel) Chestnut Mare 03/17/2007 Open

TM Alynn Rene
Burning Sand x Spilled Perfume (Virgule Al Maury) Chestnut Mare 02/13/2011 Open

My Vaz Is Hot
Burning Sand x Forty All (Wiking) Chestnut Mare 05/09/2010 Open

Rich Craft
TH Richie x More Adorable (Virgule Al Maury) Chestnut Mare 04/07/2011 2019 ET foals: 2 by Burning Sand

Amer x Gardenia Gora (Nuits St Georges) Grey Mare 04/20/2011 2019 ET foal by Baseq Al Khalediah

Amer x Oyat De Brugere (Kesberoy) Grey Mare 03/13/2012 2019 ET foal by Baseq Al Khalediah

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